Eviction Service – Fast and Effective

Eviction Service – Fast and Effective

Eviction Service

Full Count Services offers rapid eviction service in all California Counties. We take care of all the landlord headaches when circumstances require you to evict problem tenants. This includes filing and processing of 3 day notices, unlawful detainer court procedures, as well as processing of the writ in cooperation with the sheriffs office, to return possession of the home or apartment to the owner.

You do not need a lawyer to file unlawful detainer case in California. We are registered and bonded pursuant to the California Business and Professions Code 6400-6407 as unlawful detainer assistants, and as such can help you save money .

Here is what is included in your unlawful detainer:

We prepare and file all of the following if and when you need them

  • Civil Case Cover Sheet
  • Judgement-Unlawful Detainer
  • Declaration for Default
  • Request/Counter-Request to Set Case for Trial-Unlawful Detainer
  • Court Judgment
  • Writ for Restition of Premises
  • Court Money Judgement (to allow you to collect your unpaid rent expenses)

Don’t delay call us now, before you lose any more rent.

We file all required paperwork that the court requires for you. We will file your unlawful detainer in your name , so that you can represent yourself, and save hundreds or thousands of dollars evicting your problem tenant. The eviction process is tricky, but you can do it easily provided that your paperwork is filed correctly. That’s where we come in. Don’t chance going through weeks of waiting, only to find that you missed something, and you have to start the process all over. We will arrange everything, so that you can appear in court yourself if that becomes necessary (98% of the time it isn’t). So why pay hundreds or thousands to retain an attorney when you probably will not need to go to court? If the event that the tenant requests a trial you may either attend the hearing and represent yourself, or can hire an attorney at that time , just for a couple of hours to go to the trial.

We take the hassle out of the eviction process in order to get your property back to you ASAP.

Our low fee of just $499.00, for filing of the summons and complaint. You just need to serve the three day notice and the court papers. If you want us to serve the papers, we can also do that. We prepare the entire court required documents through trial. We are with you every step of the way until possession of your property is returned to you and your money judgment. Don’t be confused by other services that do not help you if you need to go to trial, or secure your money judgment, or cause needless delays.

We do all kinds of evictions , not just for non payment of rent. We can evict squatters, hold over tenants, ex girl/boy friends and other relatives. Any person in possession of property that you want out.


We are open to start a new case
7 days a week.


Call us today to start the process. Don’t wait another day. Each one costs you money in lost rent.

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