LLC – Limited Liability Company

LLC – Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company

You’ve worked hard to own, maintain and protect your home and income producing properties. Why let lawsuits and judgements threaten you’re hard earned gains.

Now, Full Count Services also offers economical Limited Liability Company formation service. This service allows our real estate clients to take advantage of the maximum legal, privacy and anonymity benefits that can only be provided by the combination of LLC and the Land Trust. Because of the unique benefits of the land trust and the restrictions on liability provided by the LLC. We have found the ideal combination of entities that provide the greatest protection for today’s property owner in all states.

Moreover, by forming the LLC in Nevada, our clients needn’t pay any federal income taxes on revenue received from rental property or any state taxes on their personal residence. In certain states, however, you may need to register as a foreign entity and pay franchise taxes, depending on the state you do business in.

In any event we can provide you with an LLC formed in Nevada which doubles the protection that a land trust offers in just a few days. We will act as your registered agent as required by law.

Your total cost for production and filing of your Nevada LLC is just. $495.00 (which includes one year of registered agent service and the state filing fees (total of $200.00)). Your registered agent is required by law to be available for the service of process (summons to court of law) in Nevada. This price includes everything you need to get up and running your Nevada LLC quickly. Included are your initial name search, Filing of Articles of Organization, custom operating agreement, including provisions protecting officers and managers from liability and application for new employer tax id number, resolution to open bank accounts

How it works:

Just click on the order link below. Follow the step through directions to form your Nevada LLC. Once you submit the order to us, we do everything, including preparing your formation papers and resolutions. We also set up your operating agreement and prepare your application for tax ID number. After we’ve ensured that the name you requested for your LLC is available. We file everything with the Nevada Secretary of State to get you up and running quickly. Our program is a complete solution to LLC formation. Our $495.00 price includes everything . All filing fees and first year of registered agent service are included. Do not be misled my other companies that quote a low fee, but then add on “state fees” and other extras. Our one price of $495.00 covers it all.