Our Services

We are a flat rate service, but everyone’s flat rate is not the same

Here’s How We’re Different:

We will produce your 3 day, 30 days or 60 days notice for you and you can serve it yourself.  This is free with our plan, if you serve it.

  • You may have the court papers served to the tenant after we file them for you with the court.  It must be by someone who is not named in the documents, but can be anyone you want.  What does this mean to you?  It means that you don’t have to pay a process server to do it, and it produces the lowest cost eviction package available anywhere in California.  It just requires a little effort on your part.

We will serve the papers for you, however, if you prefer.

  • The cost is $65.00 for the first defendant and $20.00 for each additional defendant.  Many people would rather for us to do this as professional process servers can produce a faster, cleaner and easier scenario.  Service must be done by a person who is not a party to the case, the documentation can be tricky to complete and it can be difficult to actually locate and serve the parties. It is a matter of your preference what you option you prefer to go with.

You may also add a pre-judgment claim to your package that will be served to any and all “unknown” tenants.

  • This is very valuable addition to have and is only an additional $50.00. If you think there may be people that are not named on the rental agreement or lease residing in the property, they would not be included on the court documents that order the Sheriff to evict the occupants.  If you have reason to believe that there are other people living in your property in any capacity, you may want to consider this optional addition to your package.  If you opt for the pre-judgment claim, when we get the writ for eviction from the court, it will apply to “any and all occupants”.

Attorney Representation at Trial.

  • You may elect to add attorney representation for a low up-front cost of $200.00 to your flat-rate package. In the event that your tenants file an answer to the complaint filed with the court, we would send one of our attorney partners to the resulting hearing to represent you.This is an optional, additional service. In addition, any defendant actions such as demurrers, motions to quash and oppositions will be addressed and included in the $200.00 add-on fee.  Charges for additional hearings will be separate and based on the attorney’s going rate.

The Process

Trust us and the process, and let us do the work for you.  It’s our job!  Most of the time, the eviction process takes about 22 to 28 days to complete, but it varies depending on the situation.  As we work within the parameters of the California Legal System, we cannot guarantee time frames, however when there is action for us to take we do so immediately to expedite the processing of your case.  Check our our discussion forum for questions and answers to many of your questions!

Let us know what questions you have and we look forward to working with you soon to help you resolve your problem tenant situation.